Operations director

Daniele Clark

Hi, I’m Daniele Clark. I started with Gaiser Financial Group in 2017. During my previous employment, I was in Law Enforcement for 13 years before becoming the Recruiter and Coordinator of the Sales Team for another local retirement firm.

As Bryan’s “right hand,” I prepare/process new annuity applications and securities account paperwork and ensure that all accounts are properly funded. Additionally, I can assist with most service needs including fund transfers, withdrawals, reallocations, and distributions. I am available to answer any questions regarding accounts or pending applications.

I believe in integrity, trust, and doing what is right First, Last, and Always. My experience as a senior advisor has given me a deep appreciation for seniors, as many aspects of their life take a rapid shift when they approach retirement age.  It is my passion to help others achieve their dreams and goals in both their personal and professional life.

EMAIL: dclark@gaiserfinancial.com