Operations director

Daniele Clark

I am the Director of Operations at Gaiser Financial Group, with the overall responsibility of managing the daily operations of our financial and retirement planning businesses. This role includes implementing technology changes across our businesses, and updating and implementing Gaiser’s policies and procedures.

I work directly with Brian Gaiser, the firm’s wealth advisor, to prepare and process new annuity applications and securities account paperwork and to ensure that all accounts are properly funded. I also assist with most service needs, including fund transfers, withdrawals, reallocations and distributions.

Prior to my roles at Gaiser, I worked with another local retirement firm as a NC Licensed Insurance Agent. There my roles include sales team’s recruiter, coordinator of onboarding and training of all recruits, and vendor/carrier contract negotiator. I worked in law enforcement for 13 years. During that time, I developed a strong sense of caring for the welfare of others. In 2009, for example, I helped plan and create a strategy for a youth law enforcement academy in Alabama. The academy is still in operation and educates adolescents about public service and making healthy decisions in life.

I believe in integrity, trust, and doing what is right First, Last, and Always. My experience as a senior advisor has given me a deep appreciation for seniors, as many aspects of their life take a rapid shift when they approach retirement age. It is my passion to help others achieve their dreams and goals in both their personal and professional life.

EMAIL: dclark@gaiserfinancial.com