Taxes in Retirement Class

Get the help you need with complicated retirement tax structure. Every year retirees pull cash out of their own retirement accounts. Many will do this unaware that they are subject to upwards of 50% income tax rate. Those same people could have paid as little as 15%.

There us a very practical aspect to taxes. Many of the decisions you make will have tax implications. Whether or not you use a professional to look forward at those implications is another story. Our goal is for you to leave the class¬†with a better understanding of how taxes are different in retirement and avoid some very common tax pitfalls. Of course, we want to limit the topic of the class to what is, not anyone’s beliefs on what should be, so we’ll stay away from the political and stick to the actionable.

Class Goals:

  • Understand the tax rules we live under
  • Identify misconceptions about Taxes in Retirement
  • Understand the tools and strategies available to those nearing or in retirement
  • Avoid the political and stick to the actionable

Admission is FREE. Seating is LIMITED. RSVP today!


May 17 2018


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


NOAH's Event Venue
4130 Mendenhall Oaks Pkwy, High Point, NC 27265
Jeff M. McKay


Jeff M. McKay
(336) 285-0829